Dave's Bio

Dave released three metal albums under the name Raise The Shield in the six month period of September 2006-Febuary 2007.  These were entirely written and performed by Dave with the exception of some performances on Shocked Awake by Steve Grigdesby and Jake Then.

Dave has recently released several instructional products, including Improve your Improv, Fives: Sequences, Fives: String Skipping, and Japan: Scales

Current Projects

In the period of March 2007 to present Dave has been working on his metal solo album debut.  The estimated release date is in April 2008.  A track from this upcoming release is available in the Media section of this site.

Dave has been collaborating with Indiana guitarist Mike Philippov on a neoclassical instrumental album since August 2007. Dave is also collaborating with Jaime Vendera and Kole on an upcoming album.

On the instructional side, Dave is working on his DVD titled Creative Rhythm as well as unique programs for aspiring guitarists.

Dave will be featured on the upcoming Guitars from the Shadows compilation CD.

Future Projects:

Dave is planning further instructional materials and programs, album collaborations, and tour dates.


Dave is currently studying music at Indiana University, and has been taught by notable professors such as David Baker, Andy Hollinden, and Luke Gillespie. He has studied with several notable guitarists, including Tom Hess, Mike Walsh, and Jamey Faulkner. Dave has also studied vocal technique with Robert Lunte, who was taught by David Kyle, the vocal teacher of Geoff Tate and Layne Staley.