"You can guarantee every time Dave Cardwell sits down to press the record button that he will deliver something even greater than his previous work. This metal writing machine along with 7 String Shred Master Zack Uidl have joined forces to continue in this tradition by forming Thoughts Betrayed and releasing their debut CD, "Recollection".

When are these guys gonna tour??!!!! Its easily and quickly balls to the wall metal, music and shred. Interesting vocal melodies are in this CD and the production was a pleasant surprise.

These guys are on to something here. Some new heroes have stepped on the field to play."

Randy Johnson - Guitarist, Recording Artist, Composer


Recollection is a terrific mix of creative songwriting and amazing production. If you are looking for a great combination of progressive 7-string guitar playing, creative use of odd meter, head banging METAL riffs, catchy vocal melodies and killer ripping soloing, this album has it all!

The creative talents of Dave Cardwell and Zack Uidl make this CD a Progressive Metal Masterpiece.... a must have for fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Children of Bodom and Outworld.  Amazing job guys!

Mike Philippov


Powerful and melodic! Dave and Zack's new Thoughts Betrayed "Recollection" album will take you on an epic musical journey with great musicianship and top notch guitar playing. This CD can satisfy both the metal-head and musician within anyone. I especially found the vocals to have refreshing variety compared to what most of todays metal bands are doing. And the riffs are absolutely bone crushing. A highly recommended CD for your collection!

Lee Carlson


"Raw and powerful is the way I could describe this CD. Everything on it is played with such authority that needs no excuse from these guitar players, they just ROCK! The CD has a great blend of clean vocals with some death metal screams on it! 5 Diamonds all the way!"

Oscar Ortega


"Thoughts Betrayed showcases some of the most powerful riffs and blistering solo-work to come in a long time, the sheer versatility of the music is just amazing. Easily a great debut, just plain awesome!"

Grant Hatfield


"Killer metal tunes and great playing. Love it!"

Nick Layton