Recollection Track Listing

1. Disorder
2. Reign
3. Recollection
4. Long Days
5. Monument
6. Rite
7. Retribution
8. Fading Thoughts
9. Vision
10. Time
11. Passage
12. Life

Recollection Credits

Clean and Death Vocals, Lyrics- Dave Cardwell

Rhythm Guitars - Dave Cardwell

Guitar Solos - Dave Cardwell and Zack Uidl (See guitar solos section below for a breakdown)

Drum Programming - Dave Cardwell and Zack Uidl

Keyboard Programming - Dave Cardwell and Zack Uidl

Bass Programming - Dave Cardwell

Production and Mastering - Dave Cardwell

Recollection Song Info

Fading Thoughts, Retribution and Passage were originally a single song. It was later divided into three parts.

Disorder - This track has a strong European power metal influence reminiscent of bands like Gamma Ray or Stratovarius. The second half of the opening and closing melody is probably the most technically advanced guitar playing on the album. The melody was originally written by Dave for keyboards, but Zack decided to play it on guitar as well. The first keyboard solo in the middle of the song is programmed by Dave and the second is programmed by Zack.

Reign - This song featured brutal guitar rhythms with melodic piano nearly throughout the song. The fast riff at the beginning suggests Soilwork or Nevermore, and the piano melodies and heavy rhythm suggest Symphony X.

Recollection - This song has brutal driving rhythms on the guitars and incorporates piano on the chorus and ending to add a further sense of melodic change.

Long Days - This take a cue from electronic ambient music in it's intro and then balances strong melodies with tight and steady rhythmic guitar playing.

Monument - This song starts with a complex rhythm that suggests earlier Symphony X. Synth and driving guitars this song throughout giving a very unique take on metal.

Rite - This song recalls the "thrash ballads" of earlier Metallica. Some parts of this song are reminiscent of Evergrey.

Retribution - Probably the heaviest song on the album.

Fading Thoughts - The only track on the album with acoustic guitar and the most subdued.

Time - Time features very complex rhythms being performed predominantly on piano. As the complex rhythms end at the end of the song, they are replaced with melodic counterpoint to bring the song to an end.

Passage - Possibly the most progressive song on the album in terms of form, cycling through many different sections without much repetition. The last solo section is in 7/8 time, and the vocal harmonies that follow it recall Lane Staley.

Life - Another rhythmically complex song.

Vision - This is the only instrumental track on the album.

Recollection Guitar Solos

Dave – 0:25

Zack – 1:52
Dave – 2:51

Zack – 3:16

Zack – 1:01
Dave – 1:16
Zack – 1:30
Zack – 2:37

Dave – 0:03
Zack – 0:21
Dave – 2:18
Zack – 2:34
Dave – 3:08
Zack – 3:24

Fading Thoughts:
Dave – 0:40
Zack – 2:39

Dave – 2:35

Dave – 2:43
Zack – 2:53

Dave – 0:36
Zack – 3:49

Dave – 0:18
Dave – 1:28

Zack – 2:59
Dave – 3:10

Long Days:
Dave – 0:06